My DIY Projects

Finally i could make these ones on my own, i already have the materials i needed. I really love searching DIY projects online and try to do them on my own.

This new year, i would like to try making house decors, fashion accessories, baking cakes and making pastries on y own. Who knows i might be able to come up with a profitable business out of these hobbies in the future. I’ve seen a lot of people who became successful and rich because of doing simple things that turned into passion and business.

Pinay nurse in Singapore needs help

A Filipina nurse in Singapore is seeking help in order to survive from a rare and potentially fatal skin infection called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS). Jocelyn Suarez, 23 took the job only a few would dare try: she attends to inmates of the city-state’s Changi prison.Her friends in Singapore, who all consider her one of a kind did all they can to help. Both Filipino and foreigners, now rally help for Suarez, who they call an “ambitious, intelligent woman who is full of life.”

Aside from the online effort to raise funds, her family and friends have also organized benefit concerts to help Suarez pay her hospital bills.

A music and poetry show organized by friends of Suarez, an art enthusiast herself, for instance, has generated thousands of dollars January 4.

Body detoxification

Now that the holiday season is over most people’s concerned now is how to loose weight and to cleanse the body from cholesterol, alcohol, toxins, etc. I’m one of those people’s who’s also looking for safe ways to detoxify my body. There are websites like that offers services and tips on how to have a safe rapid detox through their medical clinics. But if you like a cheaper alternative, you can just try drinking healthy detox juice. It’s a combination of leafy vegetables and fruits. There are lots of recipes you can find online. So which one do you prefer? 🙂

Philippines allows phone use on planes

The Philippines’ civil aviation authority said Tuesday it would allow passengers to use mobile phones and laptops to make calls and access the Internet during flights.

Civil aviation director general William Hotchkiss said the order covered “transmitting portable electronic devices”.

With immediate effect, the move will allow “people on board the aircraft conditional use of laptops, cellular phones, Internet or short-based-messaging service, voice communications and other broadband services during flights”, he said in a directive.

However, devices should still be turned off pre-flight, when the aircraft is refuelling, and be switched to silent mode.

“The use of MP3s should always be with earphones and not with additional or separate speaker or amplifiers,” Hotchkiss added.