Choosing the Right Prom or Evening Dress

Every woman has a different personality, and she finds that she fits into a different style with each changing season. As the years mold and refine one’s personality, she could move from princess inspired gowns, to bright punk dresses, and finish with alluring, simplistic cocktail dresses. Choosing the right dress depends upon the woman’s personality and the special occasion; sometimes, it can be very difficult to make a decision.

Ruffled, Large Gowns
Every girl wants to look like a princess on her big night; especially teenagers and young adults. Ruffled, princess inspired gowns can be absolutely stunning, making a woman feel like royalty. Glistening embellishments and dreamy colors can inspire a night full of magical experiences. However, these gowns can be too “girly” for some; and bulkier gowns may restrict certain activities, such as dancing or playing.

RTwinkletoes Retro Print Dress by Sourpussetro or Vintage Dresses
Retro and vintage dresses have become a mainstay within the realm of modern fashion, and they aren’t disappearing any time soon. These dresses tend to be short, simplistic, and may feature bold prints, buttons, collars, deep V necks, belts, and short sleeves. As simple as they may be, they are also very bold and empowering. These dresses tend to be comfortable and easy to get around in, making them rather popular. Folter dresses have become quite a hit within pop/punk culture, due to the quality of the vintage dresses.

Simple Flowing Sundresses
Sundresses are perhaps the most popular type of dress worn. They are useful for virtually any occasion, from a trip to the grocery store to a summertime wedding. These dresses tend to be very feminine yet they are not sensual; they are meant for comfort, their ability to breathe, and versatility. For a light and fun event, the sundress signals a carefree spirit that enjoys having wholesome fun while looking beautiful.

Cocktail Dresses
These dresses may be excessively short or as long as the ankles, and can vary greatly in appearance. They are commonly worn for dates or late night events, as they inspire the woman to embrace her sensual side. These dresses can be very flashy and sensually elegant, or very simple (such as “the little black dress” nearly every woman owns). Cocktail dresses aren’t generally recommended for parties that do not center around adult-only events.

Choosing a dress can be hard. Whether it’s for a teen girl’s dream prom or a middle aged woman’s first date after a big divorce, every woman reserves the right to look and feel beautiful on her big day.