Tips to Help you Survive Fat Season

The months of October through January are known as the fattening season for many people. This is so because there are big festive holidays that are surrounded by parties with lots of fatty foods. A lot of people stray from their diet during many of the holidays and tend to have to work extra hard during the new year to lose those pounds. Now, to help avoid losing yourself during the holidays, these are some tips for staying on track.

Food in Portions

When collecting from the buffet of food, consider only getting two small portions of dishes at a time. Then work your way around. This will help limit the amount of food you eat and likely you will get full before you eat too much. When you eat fast, you will consume more since the food hasn’t had time to digest and you won’t feel the fullness until it’s too late. So it’s good idea to take your time. You can also drink while you’re eating to help fill you. This also goes for desserts. Try only taking a sliver of cake and pies to limit your sugar intake.

If you are the one that’s in charge of making the food for the holidays, you should make them with fewer calories. Avoid too much nuts, cheese, gravy, sauces, butter and whipped cream. The food should satisfy you, not stuff you.

Mind Your Drinking

The holiday season is filled with drinks, such as beer, wine, alcoholic eggnog and sodas. You should moderate how much of each beverage you drink. If you can, stay away from them all together. Drinking alcohol after 7 pm can be trouble, especially since it is filled with high calories. You should also stop eating around this time. Even soda can be your enemy during the holiday parties. It’s hard to keep count of how much we drink, so it can quickly add up.

Try drinking natural juice and water instead. Limit the amount of alcohol and sodas you drink for each party.

Keep to Your Routine and Relax!

It’s easy to lose yourself when having a good time, but try to stay focused on your dieting habits. If you already had a routine before the holidays, try to stick with it. Keep on exercising throughout the holidays to makeup for any slip-ups you had at any of the parties. This will help excess pounds from forming, and there will be less work for you in the new year.

Exercising will also help speed up your metabolism and reduce stress, both of which can help with keeping pounds off. Try to stay relaxed during the holidays. This time of year can get very hectic and cause anyone to fret, but by doing so will effect your body in negative ways.

Wear Clothes that Are Snug

Try wearing clothes that fit snuggly on your body. This will help you keep in mind of your problem areas and you will be less likely to make eating mistakes that will make them worse. You can also hold a drink in your dominant hand to prevent from grabbing food.

Bring Your Own Dish

Contribute to the party while contributing to your health. By bringing your own dish, you can eat food that you know isn’t fattening. You should also eat something before you come to the party. Eat a nourishing breakfast, light lunch and a small snack before the event.

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Cowhide Rugs and Your Home: Creating an Indoor Rustic Beauty

The countryside is always adorned with a beautiful scenic landscape and thriving animal life. It gives one peace of mind or a sense of calm. Hide rugs bring that appeal of nature and natural beauty into your home space, giving it an accent that reflects your love of the environment. Cowhide rugs can come in any number of unique shapes, sizes, and colours – allowing you to tailor that beauty into one that is more personal and appropriate for your lifestyle.

Aside from being a beautiful natural by-product, a cowhide rug is versatile. You aren’t limited to simply using it as decor you put on the floor beneath a coffee table or as something to step on; you can hang on it on the wall (to accentuate it even more), or even drape it over your leather chair so long as it’s properly accented. It is best used as a decoration to a country-themed section of the house, but don’t limit yourself to that!

They are well-known for being durable and tough, even though they are soft to the touch – which surprises many owners. Cowhide rugs are also easily maintained, requiring only a damp sponge to clean. Even coffee spills can be cleaned off by simply wiping it down with soap and some warm water. If used as a floor decor, don’t worry about it ageing quickly as they can be used for a very long time without showing the wear that other types of rugs may in only a few months.

Lastly, they are hypo-allergenic and have no lingering fragrance, offering no challenge to any owners who may have asthma and other respiratory difficulties.

The beauty of these hide rugs is not just for their versatility and durability, but also in the vast selection of colours they are available in. While you may easily find ones in solid, darker hues such as brown or gray, there are rugs that come in more unique and interesting patterns colours. Many places that you purchase these rugs in also offer you the option to match exactly what you want. You have full autonomy in deciding what colours are to be used and in whatever intensity you want them to be in!

If you’re a homeowner who loves that rustic, scenic look inside their house to offset the urban jungle just outside, then picking up a cowhide rug should be a priority as they fit that precise aesthetic look that you are looking for in your home.