Post birthday gift

It’s been a week since we celebrated my eldest daughter’s 21st birthday. It was a simple celebration, we only dine out in a buffet restaurant in SM San Fernando. Though simple, still it’s memorable for us because it’s the first time that she treated us using her earnings from her first job.

As for our gift to her, i considered giving her a harmonica, when stumble Guitar Center, hohner special 20 i thought maybe she will be happy to receive it. However i heard from his brother that her ate really likes a bass guitar so i changed my mind. The bass guitar is quite pricey so, i’m still on the look out for promos. Hopefully, i could find one before the month ends.

Fun and worthwhile summer activities

It’s summer once again! That also mean the kids are now enjoying their school vacation. If you’re thinking of what fun and worthwhile activities your kids can do this summer, why not enroll them in a music school to learn to enhance their vocal or for them to learn to play music instruments. I remember that’s what i did to my kids five years ago,and now we  are truly proud of them because they are already part of our church music team.

We were able to buy an acoustic guitar and a keyboard at very affordable prices that time. If you’re also interested in buying quality but affordable  music instruments check out website. Look for drum sets for sale if you need to buy a new set of drums. Goodluck!

Social media and search engine service expert

It’s been eight years since I started blogging and throughout those years I’ve been blessed with friends as well as an additional source of income. It is indeed a great help to us, because of blogging, I was able to keep up with our increasing financial needs. By the way, one of the best online opportunities I had is the chance to work with Triangle Direct Media. Triangle Direct Media is an online company that provide an array of social media and search engine expertise to drive traffic to online businesses. So If you’re looking for  ways to increase your site’s online presence check out Triangle Direct Media.

Express yourself through Music

Sometimes music is the best way to express yourself and your feelings. There are moments in your life that you do not know how to express yourself. Whether you are happy or sad, you can freely express how you feel through music. You can either write a song or play music instrument. A friend of mine bought johnson acoustic guitar two years ago when he experienced depression after a loss of a loved one. All he wanted that time was to be alone with his guitar. During his grieving time he was able to write songs, and that’s how he expressed how he felt at that time. It was a great help for his fast recovery. I do believe that music is very powerful and can help us change our mood or feel comfortable.

First concert experience

My daughter had the chance to watch a christian concert last weekend. She was very happy because it was her first time to watch a big concert. Being one of the instrumentalist in our Church, i know she will also gain knowledge from it aside from being entertained so i allowed her to watch it. She told me what type and brand of music instruments were used and she said most of them are using Gibson guitars. I am not surprised since Gibson guitar is one of the most well known brand of guitars worldwide.

Most of the songs played are her favorites so she really enjoyed the concert. The singers and musicians are truly anointed, their music really touched their hearts. I’m happy for my daughter, she experienced what i didn’t experience during my younger years.

Broadway Themed Birthday Party

On June 29 my daughter will be celebrating her 18th birthday so as early as last month we’re already planning and preparing all the things needed to make her debut party a memorable one. Broadway will be her party’s theme. Being a musically inclined person, I believe the theme is perfect for her.

To add some twist, we would ask our guests to find their celebrity look alike and request them to dress and style like them. Since it is Broadway, we want to make it a star-studded party. Isn’t that great? J

 As for me, a friend once told me that I looked like Angelu de Leon.

So for my outfit, maybe I’ll choose any of these classy red dresses at Zalora, hoping to look fabulous just like her. 🙂

  Archibald Dress Long Multi-way Infinity Dress

Dissiper les mythes de la graine de cannabis

Des études scientifiques ont montré que l’effet nocif de graines de cannabis n’est qu’un mythe. Il n’existe aucune preuve scientifique concluante que la graine de cannabis présente des risques importants pour la santé. Ceux qui sont contre l’utilisation de la graine autofloraison s’appuient souvent sur ​​des études erronées plein de généralisations. Heureusement aujourd’hui il y a une nouvelle génération de chercheurs et d’études poussant contre les études prohibitionnistes erronées et répétitives qui ont créé ce buzz médiatique injustifié.

Un des mythes est que la graine de cannabis ruine le cerveau de l’adolescent et qu’il peut faire baisser le QI entre les 13 et 30 ans. C’est faux de penser que seule la graine de cannabis peut avoir un effet sur le QI des adolescents. Il est étonnant qu’ils poussent une telle généralisation et encore plus surprenant que certaines personnes le croient. Pouvons-nous vous rappeler que l’un des hommes les plus intelligents, Bill Gates, a souvent utilisé les graines de cannabis ?

Beaucoup de ces mythes ont gagné du terrain tout simplement parce qu’ils sont sensationnels. Ne présumez pas que toutes les études sont vraies. Faites une recherche de sources fiables et vous verrez que la plupart de ces rapports sensationnels sont incorrects.


In one of our leader’s group meeting, we were asked with a question: “If we’re given $500 million what are you going to do with it?” Two of us said that we’re going to put up a foundation for needy specifically for disabled persons and single unemployed moms. Most of us would put up a business to help in providing jobs. Of course, all of us said that we will secure our kids’ future, some will buy a new house and will help our immediate families. Some of us include travel vacation in different locations around the world. One place that I will surely not miss in my list is Miami, USA because my husband is Lebron James’ avid fan. With that amount of money I’m sure we can afford to buy Miami Beach condos, my husband will definitely enjoy his stay in Miami because he could watch Lebron James anytime he likes. While me and my kids enjoying the beautiful Miami beaches. After the meeting we all ended up daydreaming! 🙂

60th birthday celebration

Next week we will be celebrating our friend’s 60th birthday. A part of the program is a special presentation from us so we’re preparing a song number for her. Each couple is going to sing her favorite love song. I wish the event organizer has behringer pa speaker from musicians friend, we need special audio system to make our voices sound better. Not all of us have good singing voice. Anyway, whether good or bad i’m sure our friend is going to like what we’ve prepared for her.

My DIY Projects

Finally i could make these ones on my own, i already have the materials i needed. I really love searching DIY projects online and try to do them on my own.

This new year, i would like to try making house decors, fashion accessories, baking cakes and making pastries on y own. Who knows i might be able to come up with a profitable business out of these hobbies in the future. I’ve seen a lot of people who became successful and rich because of doing simple things that turned into passion and business.