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Musician’s Friend Gear Head makes sure the best gear ends up in your hands

My son is requesting us to buy him a new guitar. He said i don’t like his guitar anymore because his fingers hurt a lot everytime he’s using his guitar. I asked him what’s the problem since we already replaced the strings with a new one. This time he said it’s because of the space in between base of the guitar and the strings. It’s too hard when pressing and the pressure he exerts on the string causes pain.

Well, it’s really hard to get the right guitar or any musical instruments when you’re just a newbie. Now for online buyers, don’t worry  because there’s an online store where you be able to choose the right instrument/s that suits your needs. Check out and talk to a Musician’s Friend Gear Head, they will make sure the best gear ends up in your hands.
You’ll get the perfect mix of gear options, pricing, customer service and support. To know more details here is musicians friend contact page. Goodluck!

Comfortable office chair

A lot of people with back suffering grow it due to the lengthy quantity of time they spend sitting in a poor chair. Seldom this happens instantly or develops gradually over time. So using quality  chair is really important.

In my job, i spend most of the time sitting in front of my computer so sometimes I feel some pain in my back. Although my chair has foam cushion I think it is not good enough. I hope our office admin, can find a comfortable office chair next time we purchase for replacements.

Peavey spiderman guitar

My son is a big fan of spiderman, he collects things that has spiderman in it. From toys, to clothes, to school supplies, etc. So when i came across this peavey spiderman guitar, i’m so happy because finally i found the best birthday gift for him. He loves to play guitar and he will be very happy if his guitar has spiderman design print. Now all i need is to find cheap peavey spiderman guitars. I hope it will fit my budget or else i will set aside this one, save more money and just buy for his next birthday.


Studio desk for musicians

Are you looking for ways to organize your audio / video equipment?   If you are then check out the Studio RTA Producer’s Station. It is a versatile and ergonomic workstation which provides an ideal environment for audio / video editing or music production equipment. The main tier is big enough for an 88-key keyboard, and dual 13-space racks on each side keep your rack gear squared away. A 5-space rack holds additional equipment on top and there are dual 8-space CD holders. The upper tier accommodates additional keyboards or a computer monitor. Two smaller sliding tiers hold computer keyboards, and handy cable organizers in back keep them tangle-free and out of the way. Locking casters make the whole system easy to move. Buy now and save on studio desk at m123. Organize your studio with a desk that’s made for the musician/producer. 

Studio RTA Producer Station Maple 

Pest Control Product

My children are so afraid of insects most especially cockroach. When my daughter went to College she has to stay in a dormitory in Manila. The place is a flood-prone area so every time there’s heavy rain she already expect lots of cockroaches that will come out of the drainage and climb in every building. There’s nothing she can do with this problem outside, the only thing she can do is to control the pests that will enter her own room.

For many months i’ve tried looking for the best pest control product and i’m happy that finally i discovered bifen at  I have tried all pesticides I know to get rid of ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, termites, spiders, bed bugs and all but they keep coming back short after I spray the pesticides. They got killed but not all. I’ve read positive reviews about bifen and i really hope we already found the solution to our pests problem.

Cheap brochures online

Brochures are important tools in promoting a business so if ever my business would push through i would definitely include them in my list of things to prepare. My friend already showed me where i can get cheap brochures online. I checked the website of Zoo Printing and indeed their brochures are reasonably priced. Aside from that i checked their sample works and i find them well designed and of good quality.

Instrument control knobs

My mother has old models of kitchen instruments that up to now are still functioning well. Despite the old age she can still use them. There are some with slight defect like worn out control knobs. Good thing,  there are wide variety of instrument knobs  at Reid Supply. I told her to check their website to get the needed replacement for the knobs.

Take advantage of promotional offers this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and a lot of business establishments are now competing to get the attention of shoppers and diners by offering their best selection of promotional products. In fact I received a lot of emails about promotional offers from restaurants, flower shops, derma and spa, etc.  For business owners, impressing their customers with promotional products is already a necessity in order to cope up with the challenge of rising business competitions. And for us consumers we should take advantage of it in order to get more savings. Be a wise shopper. 🙂

Choosing the best bike rack for your vehicle

Are you shopping for a new roof bike rack? There are many options and styles out there that’s why choosing the best bike rack for your vehicle can be a timely and confusing process. I can’t tell exactly what your bike rack needs are, but if you’re looking for quality bike racks why don’t you try yakima bike racks? You can find yakima rack at just visit their website. This site  is a great source for figuring out your bike rack needs, I recommend doing some research on this site before making a purchase.

TechnoStorm Expo

Mark your calendar now so you won’t miss TechnoStorm at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City on Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 2012.

TechnoStorm is an an expo that showcases all the new gadgets and latest tech solutions today. The expo brings together the country’s leading tech, telecommunications and connectivity brands including Microsoft, Smart Communications, Nokia, HP, Epson, Sony, Wi Tribe, PLDT, Sharp, Sun Cellular, LG, Samsung, Lazada, Globe Telecom and Phillips. They will showcase up-and-coming products and services premiering in the country and offer some of the best tech deals all around.

“TechnoStorm is a celebration of all things tech. Yahoo’s digital capabilities provide a unique platform for Filipinos to explore, discover and understand the world of technology, and bring them face-to-face with gadgets and devices that create connectivity,” said Arlene Amarante, Country Ambassador and Sales Director of Yahoo! Philippines.