It’s a boy for Prince William and Kate

Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton has given birth to a baby boy at a hospital in London, the couple’s first child and the third in line to the British throne.

The 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge gave birth Monday evening at 16:24 (local time), the baby weighs 8 lbs 6 oz (3.8 kg). She was taken to the hospital by car from the palace to St Mary’s.

As the birth of the queen’s third great-grandchild was announced, a loud cheer went up from the well-wishers and media gathered outside St. Mary’s Hospital in west London, where William was also born to the late Princess Diana in 1982.

“It is an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy,” said Prince Charles, the heir to the throne.

5.6-magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

TAIPEI- A shallow 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook buildings in Taiwan’s capital Taipei today, the US Geological Survey said, but there were with no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

The quake struck at 11:36 a.m. (0336 GMT), 36 kilometres northwest of Hualien city on the east coast, at a depth of just nine kilometres, the USGS said.

Taiwan’s Seismology Centre said the tremor was felt across the island, confirming the 5.6 magnitude, but the National Fire Agency said that there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

Taiwan lies near the junction of two tectonic plates and is regularly hit by earthquakes. In September 1999, a 7.6-magnitude quake killed around 2,400 people in the deadliest natural disaster in the island’s recent history.

Nine year old Mexican girl gives birth

A nine-year-old Mexican girl has given birth and authorities are looking for the presumed father, who is 17, officials said.

The girl, identified as Dafne, gave birth by Cesarean section to a baby girl weighing 2.7 kilos (5.7 pounds) and measuring 50 centimeters (20 inches) on January 27 in a hospital in the western state of Jalisco.

The girl was not seen by doctors during her pregnancy and was almost in labor when she arrived at the hospital, said Enrique Rabago, director of the Occidente General Hospital where the child gave birth in the town of Zapopan.

“It is dismaying that a young girl became pregnant. You shouldn’t be pregnant at this age,” Rabago told a news conference.

A C-section was carried out because it was safer for the mother and baby, he said. The two were released in good condition and they will have an extensive follow-up in the coming days due to the mother’s age.

The hospital notified the authorities of the birth.

Sources in the Jalisco state prosecutor’s office told AFP that the girl declared that she had consensual sex.

The girl and the teenager were apparently a couple, the source said. The boy offered that the girl live with him when he found out she was pregnant, but she refused.

But Jorge Villasenor, an official at the prosecutor’s office, described the encounter as a case of rape or child abuse.

“We are looking for the young man to get his story because she does not understand what has happened. This is a rape or child sex abuse case,” he said on Tuesday.

Dafne’s mother said the girl was eight when she became pregnant.

“The father is a boy who is 17, but we have not found him, since he ran away,” the mother told reporters.

A source close to the investigation said Dafne comes from a large family in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, a humble village some 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Guadalajara.

“There are 11 siblings. Apparently their parents are separated and there was little care by the mother with so many children,” the source said. “With the birth, (Dafne’s mother) and grandmother are taking care of things now.”

Each year, 480,000 girls between the ages of 14 and 18 give birth in Mexico, according to the health ministry.

“There are pregnancies among teenagers, but girls between 10 and 12 years old are exceptions and most of the time it is due to a rape,” Doctor Antonio Flores Villalon, a reproductive health specialist in Mexico City, told AFP.

“Girls are still growing at that age. They are physically immature, and this puts them at higher risk,” he said. “This is the case for all minors who are under 18, but when they are under 15, the risks increase.”


Trending news stories of 2012 according to Google

Before we welcome the New Year, let me for the last time share with you the top news for 2012.

Here is Google’s full list for the top 10 trending news stories of 2012:

1. Hurricane Sandy
2. Kate Middleton pictures released
3. Olympics 2012
4. SOPA debate
5. Costa Concordia crash
6. Presidential Debate
7. Stratosphere jump
8. Penn State scandal
9. Trayvon Martin shooting
10. Pussy Riot

Saudi Arabia bans iPhones, Samsung tablets in security areas

RIYADH (Xinhua) — The Saudi interior ministry recently announced that the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab will no longer be allowed inside the country’s security institutions, Al-Arabiya news channel reported Wednesday.

The Saudi interior ministry cited concerns that these gadgets may be easily infiltrated via hacking, Al-Arabiya reported.

Also, IT specialists and experts reiterated the ministry’s security concerns and agreed that these gadgets could potentially impinge on the privacy of people and institutions.

Al-Arabiya said that Saudi Arabia is not the first country that issues the ban, as the United States and a number of European countries have done the same at security organizations.

It is not clear why the Saudi ministry think that these two gadgets in particular are more susceptible to an attack than any other smartphone or tablet.